In the last two blog posts titled “SELF-MADE OR GRACE-MADE”, we see how God desires to make us by grace based on His eternal love, mercy and generosity. But the need to take charge of our lives and be in absolute control is still a major hindrance today. People always ask me this question. “Pastor Ore, are you now saying we shouldn’t do anything because God’s grace will take care of everything?” My answer has always been a resounding YES and NO. That sounds like a paradox. Yes, because God has done everything there is to be done in Christ. No, because you need to respond to what God has done in Christ.

While speaking at a conference sometimes ago, I said, “Jesus did everything without doing a thing”. He was working without working. He was working while resting. He said things like “… Whatever my Father does is what I do” (John 5:19), “I must work the work of Him that sent me …” (John 9:4), “Whatever my Father says is what I say …” (John 12:49). These scriptures are all expressing Jesus’ complete reliance on the Father. Imagine all those big miracles in His ministry - Raising the dead, walking on the water, the feeding of the five thousand people with two fishes and five loaves of bread. He saw His Father doing them first before aligning Himself for the physical manifestation of what the Father has already done. How cool is that? He was simply imitating and reproducing what has already been accomplished through the help of the Holy Spirit.

As discussed in the past, the life of Abraham is the story of God’s amazing grace. In Genesis 14, he fought with a coalition of five kings who plundered his family including Lot, his nephew. He went on a rescue mission with his three hundred and eighteen trained servants. The rescue operation was successful. Notice that he did what he had to do in the natural. (Grace is not passive). However, Melchisedec, a type of Jesus Christ was quick to remind him “… And blessed be God Most high who has delivered your enemies into your hand” (Genesis 14:20). Could it be that Abraham was self focused or self deceived into thinking that his military prowess and strategies got the job done? This reminder from Jesus Christ to Abraham is one of the Christophanies (physical, bodily appearance of Jesus in the Old covenant). It is still relevant to all of us today. Yes, we need to study. We need to work. We need to plan and be engaged intellectually with our calling and purpose in life. But we should never lose sight of God’s invisible forces of grace working things in our favor in the realm of the spirit. I can imagine Abraham’s soldiers swinging their swords in different directions with God’s angelic hands directing them to hit their targets. Why, because God had already delivered Abraham’s enemies into their hands. That looks to me that the winner was already decided before the fight began. It’s like working while resting.

As you go through the week in all your endeavors, please do not lose sight of your victory that has already been won. That contract is yours. That job is yours. The favor is yours. All because of what Jesus has done for you. It’s grace for life. Receive grace and peace for today in Jesus mighty name.

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