Practical Grace Initiative (PGI) is headed and coordinated by Debby Ore, co-founder of Sam Ore Ministries. Debby's life passion could best be described as practically serving her Lord and Savior by serving others.

As the name implies, it is an initiative created out of compassion by the ministry to cater for the needs of the helpless. Jesus Christ who is grace personified did not only teach and preach love, He also practically demonstrated it. Acts 10:38 says "...He went about doing do good...". The Greek word for doing good here connotes philanthropy. By the special grace of God, PGI has been able to feed the poor, give scholarship to poor students. Recently, PGI took several pounds of foods, drinks and money to motherless babies home in Ilorin, in the Middle Belt of Nigeria. Our vision is to make the liberating gospel of grace more relevant by practically taking care of the needs of people all over the world.

The second phase of the vision of PGI is to train and empower these helpless individuals and encourage them to start giving back to other people's needs and this process continues until everybody on the planet is practically touched with this powerful message of God's super abounding grace.

Sam Ore Ministries is not about building an empire for themselves. We therefore believe in partnering with other ministries that already have excellent models of operation that are already working. We have given and will continue to give to support these ministries as God blesses us through our covenant partners.


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