Hi, I am Sam Ore. My friends call me The Apostle of Grace. I am happily married to my confidant and best friend, Debby who is the mother of our four God-loving children.

samorI am the author of PURPOSE REDEFINED: Leveraging Your Core Intelligence For Global Impact. It is an Amazon #6 Best Seller. The book is helping people all over the world resolve the issue of their unique identity as it relates to their core gifts and assignments on earth. I, am also privileged to pastor the best people on the planet, members of Kingdom Ambassadors Christian Center (KACC) located in Largo, Maryland, USA. I also have the privilege of giving apostolic oversight to our network of churches called Grace Life Family Church. I love traveling. My best colors are white and blue. Debby calls me a gym rat because I like to work out so I could be healthy, look good and remain handsome for my wife (LOL).

I don’t have pets. If I ever consider one, it will not be a cat. A lion will do - since I like adventures. Funny, isn't it? My best food is any healthy meal that will not make my stomach rumble.

I love to smile a lot especially to make other people smile back at me because I believe God, our heavenly Father is passionately in love with us. I like having fun and cracking jokes with my friends and family when I am not writing or preparing to preach. As you can see, I am a regular guy. Oh! Lest I forget, I have three turn offs.

- Hypocrisy

- Purposelessness

- I can’t stand oppression especially to people who are helpless.

Oh! One more thing, I like nice cars - pray for my deliverance from carnality (LOL)

Welcome to my world.

sam ore ministries