Month: May 2017

Isaac Blessing Or Ishmael Blessing? Make A Choice. (REPOST)

Just about almost everything in life can be achieved through toiling or by God’s grace. For instance, if you are a hard worker and you have financial intelligence, you can be rich in this world without being spiritual.... Read more

What is wrong with Hyper Grace? (REPOST)

Tell the whole world that God loves them unconditionally and you are labeled a hyper grace preacher. Tell believers that their heavenly Father’s love for them is irrevocable – you are also branded heretic. But, imagi... Read more

Is Grace a Phenomenon? (REPOST)

The dictionary defines Phenomenon as “a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question”. Many of us have been involved in certain experiences at o... Read more

Thanksgiving Service by Pastor Sam Ore

... Read more


For more than a year now, the internet has been inundated with a barrage of attacks on comedy in the church. Some well meaning Christian leaders and die-hard protectors of the faith are irked by the seemingly carelessnes... Read more

Dream Again by Pastor Sam Ore (KACC Service April 30)

Dream Again by Pastor Sam Ore ... Read more

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